Top 10 Alexa Skill Development Companies (2019)

Last updated on November 13th, 2019 at 08:59 am

Top 10 Alexa Skill Development Companies

“Hey Alexa, Can I have applause please.” That sounds familiar, isn’t it? Why not? Alexa, the virtual personal assistant from Amazon, is the software present inside all the Echo smart speakers. It has taken over the market from the past two years and so has the Alexa skill development companies.

But do we actually know what Alexa skills are? Well, these are nothing but the features of Alexa which are being constantly developed by Amazon as well as other Alexa skill development companies.

There are several Alexa skill development companies coming up each day and therefore, today, we are here to know about the top 10 Alexa skill development companies around the globe.

1.Developer House

This is indeed one of the best Alexa skill development companies with a team of highly skilled full stack developers. They aim at providing the best in accordance with the user requirements as well as the policy guidelines laid by Alexa. They have been into projects of game development, web development and also developing Alexa skills for their clients around the globe. They have been growing rapidly their expertise in Alexa skill development and hence they have the grabbed the top position on the top 10 list of Alexa skill development companies. Developer House is a pro in game development and If you are looking for some smart voice solutions for your company or may be your next game which will use Alexa skills, specifically designed according to your needs then Developer House is definitely the one stop solution for all your problems. Plan your digital solutions with them and experience a revolutionised outcome.

2. Accenture

This is another big name in the list of Alexa skill development companies which has joined hands with the Fortune Global 500 to bring a revolution in the world’s way of living and thinking. It provided complete voice solutions to an European energy supplying company. It helped their customers connect with the Energy suppliers without the need to use phones, laptops or any such communication device. They added up on the Alexa skills so as to provide solutions to the customer’s inquiries.

3. Leeway Hertz

Being ranked amongst one of the companies which was successful in providing a commercial app for the Iphone, Leeway Hertz is also another one amongst the Alexa skill development companies. It is an award winning company which has been providing with their clients with projects within the specified deadlines.One of the skills developed by them includes Average waiting time for Emergency Rooms of various hospitals in your city. With the help of this skill, the patients or the users could easily calculate their waiting time for the ER in the hospitals.

4. Cognizant

In this big world of Alexa skill development companies, Cognizant has also made up a good space. They have very much been into Alexa skill development and aim at providing conversational solutions which are fully integrated and also include intellective agents based on text and voice solutions.

5. Sphinx Solutions

Another Alexa skill development company which aims at voicing your business ideas is Sphinx Solutions. They have enhanced their skills in voice enabled solutions which are trending nowadays and now ready to provide their customers with superb and user friendly experiences.

6. Arc Touch

Arc Touch company deals in app development for iOS, Android, Xamarin and bots for the much talked about, Amazon Alexa. The company has a strong belief in the revolution which will be brought by the voice based conversational apps and therefore they have also joined the list of Alexa skill development companies.

7. Lets Nurture

Although they are an organization which provides digital solutions for all types of client problems and inquiries but they are now also skilled in Alexa skill development and are now ready provide some conversational experience to their users. They include the designing, development as well as implementation with deployment of the voice based projects assigned to them. They specialize in providing development of voice based AI assistant and also their integration on the Web or Mobile platforms.

8. Orbita

This is one of the Alexa skill development company which includes a team of trained skill developers for almost every single sphere. They aim at providing you with voice based solutions for your company in regards to the engagement and care of patients in the health care units.

9. Voiceter Pro

This is a company which is mainly into Alexa skill development. It has worked on providing conversational solutions for real estate. Founded by a father and son duo, Voiceter Pro is an amazing option for all the businessmen who are looking forward to get their real estate a special touch of technology.

10. Xandra

Last but never the least in the list of top 10  Alexa skill development companies is Xandra which actually means someone who is the defender of mankind. Justifying its name, Xandra defends its customers by offering them a set of creative, engaging and conversational digital solutions. It has joined hands with The DIvision 2 to provide them with voice assistance using Alexa. Now the users can easily get into this game by saying “Alexa, Open the Division Network” and it will tell you every update of the ground in DC. If you have and idea revolving in your head for your game please go ahead and grab Xandra.

Although Alexa is somewhat similar to Apple’s SIRI and Google Now, etc but it is much more interesting to use than the later two. With the passage of time Alexa skills are being developed to make it user- friendly and popular.

Alexa skills can range anywhere from entertainment to sports, or may be social media or news updates. With the help of these skills you can do different things like listen to the latest news updates, or play some music according to your mood, or maybe you can ask Alexa to simply turn off or on the smart lights of your house. There is actually no limit to the number of skills which can be added to Alexa. Also, you don’t worry about keeping track of these skills as there is an Alexa companion app which will keep track of all downloaded skills. Alexa skills help it become more appealing to the users. Already there are around 3000 Alexa skills which are made available to the users for free by Amazon and other Alexa skill development companies on the Amazon Alexa Portal or the companion app on your mobile phones. So do not delay and just pick up your assistance from the above list for your next Alexa voice assistance.

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