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Amazon “AmaZen” Booth Mocked for Dystopian Image

Amazon gets criticized for the working conditions it provides employees. Although the company has taken steps recently to increase wages and improve benefits, other health and wellness initiatives have been lacking compared to the Silicon Valley giants.

That’s why the AmaZen box seemed like a great idea. Amazon says that if workers feel sad or need a break, they can shut themselves into this small closet on the working floor.

What can workers do while sitting in the AmaZen box? Amazon provides mindfulness videos to watch.

It’s a move that feels out of touch for a company that already tries to get as much productivity as possible out of every worker.

Prisoners in Solitary Isolation Get More Space

As one Twitter user commented, “I feel like livable wages and working conditions are better than a mobile despair closet.”

The AmaZen box is notably Dystopian, delivering barely any space for workers to sit, much less stretch out to get comfortable. The average prison cell is larger than this container.

According to the company, the AmaZen box is an interactive kiosk. An entire library of mindful practices and mental health videos are provided to “recharge the internal battery.”

It might be better to try products from Desbio and Herb Pharm if you need a recharge.

Although some workers applaud the effort, most people describe the investment as a poorly applied bandage on a much larger problem. Amazon has working conditions where workers receive penalties for taking too many breaks, not having bathroom availability for delivery drivers, and an above-average risk of workplace injury.

Amazon spent $300 million to develop this program.