Best High-Tech Workout Equipment

Who says that you need to have a gym membership to get a great workout? When you have the supplies at home to manage your exercising needs, you can save time and often do more work since your commute isn’t far.

After stocking up on products from Standard Process and Douglas Laboratories, you’ll want to think about investing in these high-tech workout equipment choices.

What Are the Best High-Tech Workout Options?

1. Tempo Studio

Retailing at $2,495, this high-tech selection is perfect for weightlifters who want the help of a trainer at home. The equipment looks like an easel, offering a large touchscreen display for the workout session. It comes with 16 weight plates, two dumbbells, and a mat. You can get more options with the upgraded categories.

2. Peloton Bike

If you love spinning classes, this high-tech option is perfect for you. The equipment retails from $1,895, and then you have a $39 monthly fee for live workouts that stream daily.

3. SoulCycle Bike

At a price of $2,500, you’ll get more exercise options with this at-home high-tech equipment. It accommodates handlebar pushups, tap-backs, and much more. You’ll need an Equinox membership to access the content that works with the machine.

4. Technogym MyRun Treadmill

Although the price is just under $3,000, shipping and installation come with it. There isn’t a screen, which means you get to bring your own tablet. Mats are available to deaden the noise. It’s small and compact, making it an excellent addition to any home.

With these high-tech options, you can get a great workout at home with built-in accountability for about the price of a gym membership in many cities. That’s why it’s such a fantastic investment!