white router on white table

How to Boost Your Wireless Signal

Does your wireless signal fail to cover your entire home? Is it constantly dropping out on you when you’re trying to work?

These tips can help you get a quick boost from your router to optimize and extend your Wi-Fi coverage. Not only will these efforts speed up your surfing activities, but they will also keep you connected more consistently.

1. Update Your Firmware

Your router requires periodic updates to improve its performance. The steps to follow for this option are found in your owner’s manual or online from the manufacturer. Some products do the work automatically.

2. Router Placement

Where your router gets placed can impact your wireless coverage. It helps to have it in the center of your home whenever possible if you cannot get to each corner. Some need open spaces, while others prefer to get hidden. Eliminating one wall can make a huge difference.

3. Find the Frequency

Most routers perform better on the 5 GHz band than they do on the 2.4 GHz option. You’ll get faster speeds, less interference, and more consistency. The only problem is that it won’t handle obstructions well.

4. Change the Channel

The signals from other wireless signals can impact the speeds you can achieve. Microwaves, electronics, and even cordless phones all create problems. If you switch your router to a less-common channel, you might get a better response.

5. Remove Intruders

If you don’t have your Wi-Fi password-protected, other people can hop onto your network to take advantage of your speeds. Logging into your router’s dashboard can help you find IP addresses that attempt to use your equipment. Your kids might be sucking up bandwidth without realizing what they’re doing. In both situations, kicking them off can restore functionality.

Wi-Fi boosters are available for purchase if you have followed these steps without success. By giving your network some extra juice, you can get the coverage you need, plus boost your ability to stream.