How to Start Blogging on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most influential social media apps in the world. Instagram has become a great app for bloggers, companies, and even ordinary people to advertise themselves and create a brand. Instagram accounts with active followers and high engagements stand to make thousands of dollars from brand deals.

Once you hit 10,000 followers, brands start reaching out to you to send you clothes or items for free. Brands will also reach out to you for paid ads. If you have 10-15 thousand followers with an active audience you can make $200-$300 for a sponsored post. Of course, the road to ten thousand followers is certainly not paved in gold. If you’re interested in starting an Instagram blog for your business or even yourself, here is how to start blogging on Instagram.

1. Open an Instagram account

You don’t always have to open a brand new Instagram account. If you’ve already had an Instagram account you can keep it and just change the username. The only exception to this is if you’re using the account for your company or brand. In that case, it’s better to start afresh. If you’re interested in becoming an Instagram blogger, then you can simply change your username.

2. Pick a good username

The best username you could pick is simply your actual name. This is helpful for growing your brand. Your followers will know your actual name, and it’ll help you get more exposure. Using your actual name or first name for your user is also helpful in case you decide to pursue blogging or entertainment outside Instagram. This way when people google your Instagram user they find your other endeavors, accounts, and websites.

3. Pick a niche

Achieving relatively quick success is highly reliant on selecting a niche. Most people don’t specify the kind of content they want to create. If you’re a lifestyle blogger, what sort of lifestyle would you like to advertise? Chic? Colorful? Playful? Be as specific as possible. Selecting a niche also gives you the chance to have followers who regularly engage with your content.

4. Tailor your feed

Your feed is extremely important on Instagram. There are many videos on YouTube explaining how to get a great feed. The general idea is to pick a color palette and stick to it so that your account is pleasing to scroll through.

5. Use trending hashtags

Use trending hashtags to get your posts on the explore page. There are subreddits that exchange Instagram likes and comments to boost their profiles. If you’re going to boost your likes or follower count, make sure it’s not bought. It’s very easy to spot when a person’s followers are fake.

6. Add geotags

Geotags are when you add geographical locations to your posts. This gives your post a higher chance of discoverability.

7. Interact with your followers

A huge mistake most Instagram bloggers make is that they seldom interact with their followers. Reply to all your comments, and check your direct message requests daily. The best way to succeed at Instagram blogging is to create a community.