How to Store Christmas Lights Correctly

When you open those small boxes packed with Christmas lights, you know they’re never going back into that container. 

Instead of throwing the strands into a giant box that sits in your garage all year, this easy technique will help you save time and space.

All you need are scissors, cardboard pieces, and bubble wrap. If you don’t have sharp scissors around, a box cutter will create the edges required for this project.

Steps to Follow When Storing Christmas Lights

  1. Cut a cardboard piece that fits to the size of your storage container. After shaping it, you’ll use scissors to cut a one-inch slit along the top of one long side and the bottom of the other. 
  2. Secure one end of the Christmas lights in the slit. Wind them around the cardboard until the entire strand is on the piece.
  3. Tuck the other end of the lights into the other slot on the cardboard.
  4. Place the lights in your container. If you run out of room on the first layer, use bubble wrap to protect each stack until the bin becomes full. 

If you encounter burnt bulbs during the winding process, it helps to take them out during the storage process. You can choose to replace them immediately or wait until it is time to set up decorations the following year.

Should cardboard be unavailable, you can follow this process with heavy card stock. It works better for interior lights, but you can use the technique for exterior ones if you’re careful about the spacing of each wrap.