Most Secure Online Photo Backup Services

If you take dozens of photos with your phone each day, you’ll eventually need a storage solution that holds your files.

That means you’ll want to have a secure online photo backup service available. Although you could transfer this information to an external HDD, it’s useful to have an immediate transfer since you won’t need a physical connection.

These services currently provide the most secure solutions for that need.

List of the Best Online Photo Backup Services

1. Google Photos

If you don’t mind signing over your usage rights for commercial purposes, this service provides an excellent online backup for your images. You have unlimited storage in exchange for that benefit, although the image limit is 16 MP. It will also reduce 4K videos to 1080p HD.

2. Flickr

You won’t get raw storage solutions for your images with this platform, but it still offers something to consider now that it is under the Smugmug name. You can host up to 1,000 photos with a few ads getting displayed between your thumbnails if you opt for the free tier.

3. Apple iCloud

Although you only get 5GB for free, the cost to expand your storage solutions is minimal if you prefer iOS. It’s a reasonable stopgap solution for those who like to keep their files on external storage or home computers. If you’re already on the company’s ecosystem, this option is only a couple of clicks away to use.

4. Livedrive

You don’t receive a disk imaging option with this resource, but it offers unlimited backup support. It’s also one of the easiest platforms to use for backing up your photos online. It is automatic, mirroring any changes you’ve made to your computer and up to 30 previous versions of an edited file.

When you need more room to take new photos, an online backup service is a must-have tool. Choose these options when you want the most secure platform possible.