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Options for Companies to Prevent Software Piracy

Even though we’re in 2021, software piracy is still a common problem. With file-sharing sites and domains like The Pirate Bay offering downloads, someone can get almost whatever they want with minimal consequences.

Even physical software piracy still exists, especially for those living or working in the developing world.

Although there are challenges to face, some solutions are also available.

Best Options to Use for Stopping Software Piracy

1. Release a Free Version

When companies release a free version of their total product, it stops most piracy efforts because the average person only needs the basic functionalities. At the same time, you’ll be giving people a sample of what your full version offers.

2. Use License Keys

Although license keys are hackable, it takes a significant effort to earn a result in this area. This option even works with physical disks.

3. Search for Pirated Versions

You can look through search engine results to see if pirated versions of your software are available. If you spot one, submit a DMCA request to take it down. It’s a powerful method of reducing discovery of the counterfeit instead of your item.

4. Contact the Provider

You can contact the website that produces the pirated software. Asking for the item to get removed is often the first step in a litigation effort. It’s often overlooked, but it happens more often than not. Even pirate sites have removal request options available that they’ll honor.

5. Push More Updates

Most pirated software will not automatically update. If you have more features or services to offer, your customers will want what you’re offering instead of the counterfeited product. This step ensures that you get a more secure application.

It requires proactive efforts to stop software piracy. When you take these steps, you’ll be more likely to get the results you want.