Picks for the Best Pet Tech Products

It is a wonderful year to be a pet owner! A new wave of pet tech products is coming to the market, filled with unique innovations to make life easier while providing the animals with the mental stimulation they need.

Here are our picks for the best pet tech products to consider bringing home this year.

1. iFetch

This product is an indoor automatic ball launcher for your dog (and a few cats!). After they grab the ball, your pet learns how to drop it into the receptacle so that it can launch another one to chase. It can hold up to several hours of fun each day.

2. Oscillot

If you have curious cats who love to climb, this product is your must-have item of the year. It comes with a dual knuckle post kit and a paddle that prevents kitties from escaping your backyard when correctly installed. Although small leapers have been known to go up and over, it’ll work for the average domestic shorthair.

3. Litter Robot

Are you tired of scooping out the poop from the cat litter each week? This tool automates that task for you by sifting the litter after each use. What needs to get thrown away goes into a waste drawer, making it easy to keep things clean and smelling better.

4. Sureflap

Having a pet door can let your animals explore outside whenever they want. What about the pets that you don’t know who want to come inside with this installation? That problem gets solved by this product that reads your pet’s microchip. If it doesn’t recognize it when scanning, it won’t allow the door to open.

5. Wonderwoof

This social network for dogs lets you see where others are to arrange a playdate whenever you want to have an adventure. It also tracks activities as a wearable, letting you earn badges on your profile while seeing what is happening in your community.

When you have the best tech items available for your pet, you’re helping them to live a good life. Consider investing in one or all of these items today to turn your house into a great pet home.