Should You Upgrade to Apple’s New M1 Chip-Powered Laptops

When you look at the hardware components of the 2020 Mac series, you’ll see a notable change in the specs. It’s the first series to use the homegrown M1 CPU. It’s a system-on-chip processor with up to 16 cores, which means you can achieve an incredible performance.

The MacBook Air seems to benefit the most from this upgrade, but is it worth the price to get a 2020 Mac if you’re not in the upgrade window yet?

If You Have a Mac That’s 3+ Years Old: Upgrade

When you have an older Mac laptop, you’ll likely want to get your hands on the new M1 chip. Since the price point remains the same from previous years, it’s a slam-dunk decision. You’ll see a massive upgrade to your speed, eliminating those pizza wheel moments that can get quite frustrating.

If You Have a MacBook Air: Upgrade

The 2020 MacBook Air performs almost as well as the Pro laptop. That’s how powerful the M1 chip is from Apple in this system! This shift ensures that you get the performance you want at a price you like. The only exception to this rule might be the person who bought their Air in the last 12 months.

If You Have an iMac: Don’t Upgrade

When you prefer the all-in-one option for your Mac system, you won’t get the same benefit by upgrading your iMac right now. Unless your system is out of shape or one of the models that don’t let you upgrade your RAM, the specs on the latest iMacs are almost identical to what you would have purchased nearly five years ago.

If You Have a Mac Mini: Upgrade

When you use the Mac Mini at home with a preferred monitor, you’ll notice a significant increase in your speed when using this chip. It’ll also be the cheapest way to take advantage of Apple’s homegrown technology.

The M1 chip delivers significant changes to your computer’s performance. Unless you’re operating on an early 2020 model or newer, it’s worthwhile to invest in the upgrade.