Snapdragon 888 Processor Arrives in Smartphones Before 2022

Qualcomm follows an interesting release process with its processors. The last few releases have come in this order: 810, 820, 821, 835, 865, 888, 870. 

The next processor could be the 895 or 898, but no one knows what 2022 could bring with the supply chain shortages happening in this industry.

Most of the new processor generations provide significant posts in raw processing power to supported features. With the Snapdragon 888, consumers could start using the new Cortex-X1 design. 

You Can Buy Snapdragon 888 Phones This Year

If you’re in the market for a new phone this year, the Snapdragon 888 devices are delivering some incredible opportunities to upgrade.

Here are a few examples from the 2021 releases that include this technology.

1. Xiaomi Mi 11

This mobile device is the first 888 brought to the market. It delivers a four-curved screen with the Pro style that provides excellent aesthetics and user capabilities. The primary camera lens offers 108 MP, equating to a 30x zoom from the phone.

2. Redmi K40 Pro

This device is the brand’s flagship product. It contains 12 GB of RAM and a 120 Hz refresh screen that makes it useful for watching sports and live-action broadcasts. The battery pack is rated at 4,500 mAh, but it uses a 33W brick for fast charging. It looks to be an incredible product!

3. OnePlus 9

If you prefer an Android device, the Snapdragon 888 looks to supercharge the OnePlus series. The phone uses a 144 Hz refresh system with an AMOLED fluid display to create a beautiful 6.7-inch curved screen. The camera is quite impressive, as are the wireless capabilities of the device.

You’ll love what the Snapdragon 888 can do in 2021. If you can wait until 2022, the next generation could be even better!