group of women doing yoga

Technology That Holds You Accountable to Your Fitness Goals

It isn’t always easy to stay enthusiastic about your fitness goals. When the gyms are closed or limiting how many people can use the facilities, the various videos and workout apps out there can get repetitive and boring quickly.

If you feel that your fitness is starting to slack off, it might be time to invest in some technology and apps that offer accountability to your overall goals.

Here are some of the best investments to consider making in yourself this year.

1. Whoop Strap 3.0

Although it looks like the typical fitness tracker at first, it tracks how much strain your body experiences each day. It provides a recovery score after waking up to know what your reserves are for the rest of the day.

2. Tangram SmartRope

If you start jumping rope for ten minutes each day, you’ll receive the same benefits as jogging for thirty minutes. It also tunes your balance, mentally and physically, while reducing overall cortisol levels. This technology automatically records your jump counts, encourages interval training, and adjusts to a one-size-fits-all experience.

3. JaxJox KettlebellConnect

When you include 20 minutes of kettlebell training in your daily routine, it improves cardio function and strength. This digitally adjustable weight increases resistance levels up to 42 pounds, tracks real-time performance metrics, and offers a FitnessIQ score to track your successes.

4. Activ5 Fitness System

With this five-minute isometric system, you can enjoy a workout almost anywhere. Even if you’re sitting at your desk, the game-like app exercises offer strength-building benefits without breaking a sweat. It works with Apple Watch to track energy output and activity levels.

5. Bellabeat Chakra Necklace

This product tracks your meditation activities, sleep, and stress while offering 30 different exercises. It even contains a gentle alarm that lets you start your day more naturally than a blaring alarm.

Technology can help us reach our health and wellness goals effectively. When you have these items to use, there could be a brand-new you waiting to be seen just six weeks from now.