Top-Rated Home Security Systems

Security systems are a reasonable investment to consider for any home. If you haven’t owned one before, it might be challenging to know where to start shopping for this asset.

From PC Magazine to Consumer Report, several agencies have tested the top-rated home security systems that you can install at home. Here are the best ones to consider buying when you want to protect everything you love with these tools.

What Are the Best Home Security Systems to Use?

1. ADT Pulse

This home security system offers almost everything you could ever need to protect your home. It even includes support for most third-party IoT upgrades, and you receive a companion app that alerts you to specific events picked up by the system.

2. Vivint Smart Home

This solution provides you with a 24/7 monitoring experience and remote control over many of your home’s systems. You can even control your HVAC components when you have them hooked up correctly. You’ll also appreciate the effectiveness of the doorbell solution with this investment.

3. Simplisafe Home Security

If you don’t want to sign long-term contracts and prefer to do the installation work yourself, this DIY investment makes sense. The equipment is versatile and affordable, and you can opt for professional monitoring whenever you need it.

4. Honeywell Smart Home Security

The starter kit with this security system delivers some impressive results. It includes Amazon Alexa, incorporates facial recognition technology, and comes with a motion detector. You’ll have to do all of the monitoring work with this option, but you’ll save a bundle because of it!

5. Ring Alarm Security Kit

This option is perfect for the DIY expert who wants some extra protection at home. Almost anyone who can hang a picture can get this equipment ready to go! It also interacts with your other Ring devices at home to create an interconnected series of smart switches and locks that you can control with a couple of taps.

Home security systems have evolved over the years to provide a straightforward way to enhance your safety. Choose one of these options today if your house needs an upgrade!