Ways for Techies to Make Valentine’s Day Special

Valentine’s Day is when the price for red roses soars, chocolates fill every aisle at the store, and techies cringe at the idea of giving those gifts.

It’s okay to say “I love you” with flowers and chocolate. That perspective isn’t always the right one for some relationships.

If you’re looking for creative ways to express your love this year, here are some exciting ideas to pursue.

1. Print Your Tweets

Instead of broadcasting your love to everyone on social media only, take it another step. Save an image of the tweet that you send out about your significant other. You can take it to numerous print shops to create a framed piece, canvas art, or even a blanket to show how much you care.

2. Food Truck Tour

With the world still recovering from the latest COVID-19 surge, Valentine’s Day looks different in 2021. You’ll want to be outside, in the fresh air, enjoying some time together. Instead of getting a table at a restaurant, consider doing a bicycle tour of the food trucks you have in town.

If you don’t have any food trucks, get some curbside delivery from places you haven’t tried before.

3. Show You Listen

Instead of getting some spy gear that lets your significant other listen from far away, consider pursuing that unique antique, jewelry item, or favorite album that they keep posting about on social media.

You’ll have a fun surprise waiting for them because the gift will be so unexpected.

4. Blindfolded Road Trips

If you want a real surprise, consider inviting your significant other on a road trip with you. Here’s the catch: they must stay blindfolded while you drive. Don’t try this option if your loved one gets motion sick, but you could visit a state park, go on a wine tour, or maybe try hot chicken for the first time.

You could stream a video game together, hit a vintage arcade (if they’re open), or anything else that both of you love that involves tech. Valentine’s Day is about you – not what everyone else says you should do.