What are the Benefits of Blogging for My Business?

Traditionally, blogging is a word used to refer to writing posted online, usually on a blog. However, as the internet grows and culture changes, blogging is now used to refer to photography and other media formats posted online. Blogging can include an Instagram account, a YouTube channel, a podcast channel, and of course, the traditional blog. Blogging is a great way to express yourself and meet like-minded people. Now you may ask yourself ‘What are the benefits of blogging for my business? Well, there are quite a few.

1. Build a professional network

Blogging is a great way to build a professional network for your business. Through your blogs—whether video, writing, or photography—you will connect with like-minded individuals, and also business owners may be willing to collaborate with you; therefore, introducing you to a new set of customers. This network will not only open business doors for your business, but it may also prove to investors that you’re passionate and serious about your business.

2. You build a community

Unlike websites, blogging mediums give your customers the chance to build a community.  Blogging feels more personal; therefore, you begin to look more genuine. This improves the credibility of your brand and wins you a group of hardcore supporters. Building a community is essential for success in business. You have to constantly interact with your customers so that you find out how to improve, grow, and gain more customers.

3. Increases your exposure

Blogging greatly increases your exposure. Moving to other mediums besides your business websites gives you the opportunity to find more customers on other sites. Using hashtags for your Instagram posts and SEO for written blogs will draw more traffic to your platforms and in the long run more customers for your business. Blog posts about how to use your products are great, so are videos of customers using your products. These things may seem small and insignificant; however, you need to remember that the devil is truly in the details. The little things matter because they seem more real. Videos of people using your products are likely to draw more people in than a simple description of your product.

4. It’s inexpensive

Blogging costs close to nothing. WordPress sites are free and so are Youtube/Instagram accounts. Marketing your business through these sites is cheap, and sometimes it doesn’t cost a single thing.

5. Establishing your brand

Blogging is a way to cement your online presence. There are very few businesses that do not have an online presence. There’s a reason so many businesses have an online presence. They help you establish your brand. More often than not, people will google the name of your business to check its legitimacy. If you have no online presence or worse, no properly curated online presence, your business seems fake and illegitimate.

These are some of the benefits of blogging your business. You may think blogging for your business is unnecessary and useless, but it’s not. It’s an inexpensive and easily accessible way to advertise your business to the world.